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#MakerSpace Playground


According to the article Why MakerSpaces are the key to innovation,  “This focus on hands-on creative learning is one of the reasons why maker spaces are seen by educators as being a key to innovation and an ideal method for equipping students to succeed in the future.”

Today our librarian Tania, the author of Tenacious Tiny Librarian, my fellow coaches and I set up a MakerSpace playground.  We’re super excited to help teachers see how MakeSpace can be a way to help enhance instruction build problem-solving skills in students.

Here is Tania promoting our MakerSpace Playground on Twitter.

Here we are showing our Texas History teachers how to help students demonstrate their learning using Bloxel.

Makerspace is such a great movement in education.  Students are excited to learn, they work hard to complete a task and they enjoy the hands-on experiences.  Each experience helps to build students’ problem-solving skills, makes them gritty and enhances their learning.

MakerSpace is quickly becoming one of my favorite places!  Let’s start making!